Resolving Android Gradle Build Errors

How to resolve "AAPT: error: unexpected element <queries> found in <manifest>" error?

queries tag in Android Manifest is a requirement when you use Target API 30. To let gradle(Build system on Android) process the manifest files with queries tag, the project needs to atleast use 5.6.4+ gradle version. All Unity versions from 2020.x support 5.6.4+ gradle version. So, you don't see this error on those unity versions.
For supporting queries tag(which is required for Android 11 support/Target API 30), Gradle Version needs to be 5.6.4+. To assure this, your unity's Android Gradle Version needs to be atleast nearest of 3.3.3/3.4.3/3.5.4/3.6.4/4.0.1 versions.
You need to edit the Android Plugin Version to any of the closest in above versions.
Update Android Gradle Version to nearest of 3.3.3/3.4.3/3.5.4/4.0.1
Android Gradle Plugin Version and Gradle Version are two different values and not the same.
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