Cross Platform Native Plugins 2.0 : Essential Kit a true cross platform tool for Unity which provides unique and unified way to access native functionality on mobile platforms.

The new 2.0 version is a complete re-write from scratch which communicates directly with native platforms and has much efficient workflow.

Additionally, we revised some parts of the API for extendability and ease of use considering your feedback!

Plugin supports mobile platforms iOS (v10.0+) and Android (API 14+).

Important links: Unity Forum Thread | Tutorials | Support Highlights: • Unified API design. • Hassle-free installation. • Simulates feature behaviour on Editor. • Auto-generates Android Manifest file. • Selective inclusion of feature files. • Full source code is included. • Automatically handles requesting permissions and capabilities Feature set:Address BookBilling ServicesCloud ServicesDeep Link Services (New!) • ExtrasGame ServicesMedia Library ServicesNative UI Popups (Alert Dialog, Date/Time Picker (New!) - [Unity UI on iOS & Native UI on Android]) • Network ConnectivityLocal Notification SystemPush Notification SystemRate My App (Android Rating - New!) • Social Sharing (Fb, Twitter, WhatsApp, Mail Sharing, Message Sharing, Share Sheet) • WebView Note: • Plugin doesn't include Facebook SDK. • Works with Unity Cloud Build. You might be interested in our other products

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If you are looking for our Ads Kit, download from here. We love to hear from you! Contact us, share your feedback, suggestions to our team.

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