There are two types of deep links possible on mobile devices
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    Custom Scheme Deep Links or URI Scheme Deep Links
  2. 2.
    Universal Deep Links
You just need to provide a scheme of your choice for this to work. Any links pointing that scheme will be directed to your app.
These deep links aren't unique and any other app can create them like yours. If multiple apps define same URI scheme installed on the device, a dialog with list of those apps will be presented to the user.
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These deep links are unique and can be bounded to your app uniquely. Usually these are a bit time consuming to setup as these needs backend support as well to validate that the link belongs to your app.
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Usually universal deep links look exactly similar to the normal web links. If your app has a website too and if a page of it gets opened on mobile device, you can seamlessly redirect them to your app quickly.
There won't be any dialog to choose from (compared to URI scheme links) so it can open your app directly on clicking a registered universal deep link.
Deep links contains mainly three parts
  • Scheme
  • Host
  • Path
Ex 1 : voxelbusters://essentialkit/deep-link-services (URI scheme deep link)
Scheme : voxelbusters Host : essentialkit Path : deep-link-services
Ex 2 : (Universal deep link)
Scheme : https Host : Path : essentialkit

Enable Feature

Open Essential Kit Settings and enable Deep Link Services feature in the inspector.
Enable Deep Link Services
Deep Link Entry Properties
iOS Properties
Deep link settings for iOS platform goes here.
Android Properties
Deep link settings for Android platform goes here.
An identifier for this deep link. This will be shown as a label in the chooser window if multiple applications register for the same scheme.
Service Type
Applicable only on iOS where you can specific the type of service being used. Leave it blank for general use.
Scheme part of the deep link you want to target
Host part of your deep link you want to target
Path part of your deep link you want to target