Version 2.7.0

Upgrade Process

  • Delete CoreLibrary and EssentialKit folders fromAssets/Plugins/VoxelBusters
  • Delete Assets/Plugins/Android/com.voxelbusters.essentialkit.androidlib folder
  • Delete Assets/External Dependency Manager folder [Optional]
  • Import the new update
  • Run Assets -> External Dependency Manager -> Android -> Force Resolve from "top menu bar"
  • Add the following dependencies in manifest.json (if not added)
    • "com.unity.nuget.newtonsoft-json": "2.0.0"


  • Added Domain Reload support [Beta]
  • [Android] Updated Billing client to 5.2.1 to support API 34
  • [Android] Updated EDMU to 1.2.177
  • [Android] Fixed game services login issue where callback isn't called second time
  • [Android] Fixed quantity value in billing services purchases
  • [Android] Setting notification priority to max by default
  • [Android] Fixed file extension while saving png in media services to gallery
  • [Android] Fixed issue when setting title from remote notification
  • [Android] Fixed creating empty notification when no notification title exists
  • [Android] Fixed crash on some devices when notification permission is requested
  • [Android] Fixed zoom issue when setting scalesPageToFit in Webview
  • [iOS] Updated OpenSSL libraries to 1.1.1v and modified libs to avoid conflicts with apple private api method names
  • [iOS] Fixed notification callbacks issue in Unity 2022
  • [iOS] Fixed gamecenter leaderboard presentation issue
  • [iOS] Fixed notification crash when user-info is requested
  • Setting Syncronise On Load option to false by default for Cloud services
  • Added attachment for share sheet feature (New feature)
  • Updated Core Library