Folder Structure

All Voxel Busters Plugins will be inside Assets/Plugins/VoxelBusters folder. EssentialKit folder contains the plugin files related to this plugin.

Plugin comes with External Dependency Manager which is a plugin maintained by Google. This plugin minimises the conflicts with external plugins. As of now we use this for resolving android libraries.



Assets/External Dependency Manager

Folder where External Dependency Manager plugin exists.


Root folder for all Voxel Busters plugins


Essential Kit plugin main folder


Folder where the Essential Kit Settings are stored. Make sure you don't delete this folder while upgrading.

When you are trying to upgrade the plugin, make sure your Essential Kit Settings asset under Assets/Resources is committed to version control or have a backup.

All modules within the plugin uses assembly definition files(.asmdef). So these won't affect any of your project compilation times!

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