Testing in-app purchases in Sandbox environment


Use the Apple sandbox environment to test your implementation of in-app purchases using the StoreKit framework on devices using real product information from App Store Connect. Your development-signed apps uses the sandbox environment when you sign in to App Store using a Sandbox Apple ID.

To create a Sandbox Apple ID or test account in App Store Connect, see Create a sandbox tester account.

Sign In to the App Store with Your Sandbox Apple ID

To run your app using your Sandbox Apple ID, do the following, depending on your device and operating system:

  • For iOS 12 or later—Build and run your app from Xcode. The sandbox account in Settings appears after the first time you use the device to attempt a purchase on a development-signed app. Sign in using a Sandbox Apple ID. There’s no need to log out of the non-test Apple ID.

Make an In-App Purchase

The first time you make a purchase in a development-signed app, the system prompts you to sign in to the App Store. Sign in using your Sandbox Apple ID to begin testing. Note that the text [Environment: Sandbox] appears as part of the prompt, indicating that you’ve connected to the test environment. If [Environment: Sandbox] doesn’t appear, you’re using the production environment. Make sure you’re running a development-signed build of your app; production-signed builds use the production environment.

Additionally you can test interrupted purchases. For more details, check the documentation here.

If you see InitializeStore call doesn't return any billing products in the callback, make sure you finish accepting all pending updated terms and conditions and also finish your tax agreements on iTunes connect.

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