Have your own localised text for the strings used within the plugin
There is a provision to configure the plugin to provide your own text based on the language selected by your user
There are two easy steps to have the plugin localised.

1. Implement ILocalisationServiceProvider Interface

You need to implement ILocalisationServiceProvider which has GetLocalisedString method. It takes two parameters key and default value.
key : Key contains the value used to identify the string (Refer here for keys used in the plugin)
default : This is usually the string in english language we use internally if no localisation exists.
namespace YourOwnNameSpace
public class MyLocalisationServiceProvider : ILocalisationServiceProvider
#region ILocalisationServiceProvider implementation
public string GetLocalisedString(string key, string defaultValue)
string localisedValue = defaultValue;//Replace defaultValue with your own mecanism to find localised text which has the "key"
return localisedValue;

2. Set the ILocalisationServiceProvider

You need to set the above implemented localisation provider to ExternalServiceProvider.LocalisationServiceProvider once your first scene is loaded
ExternalServiceProvider.LocalisationServiceProvider = new MyLocalisationServiceProvider();

Key constants used in Rate My App feature

Key Used
Attribute Text Description
Rate My App Title
Rate My App Description
Rate My App Ok Button
Rate My App Cancel Button
Rate My App Remind Later Button