Before using any of the Utilities class functions, you need to first import the namespace
using VoxelBusters.CoreLibrary;
using VoxelBusters.EssentialKit;
Once after importing the namespace, you can access Utilities class.

Open App Store Page

You can open the app store or market store page by passing the application Id. On Android this is the package name and on iOS its the Apple Id (numeric value) you see in the App store submission page for your app.
Application Id for iOS
string applicationId = "" // On Android
//applicationId = "235353553"; // On iOS

Open Application Settings

There are cases where users may decline the permission and you can't programatically prompt the permission again. In those cases, once you check the permission was denied, you can ask the user if he wants to enable it. If he wants to, you can open the application settings and let him enable the permission.
Open Application Settings if user rejects permission

Request App Store Review

This opens up the store review directly and sometimes you may see no operation incase if
  • User already reviews earlier
  • Exceeds quota allowed on the platform (on iOS 3 times per year and on Android unknown limit)
You can use Rate My App feature instead as it provides option to ask if user is interested to rate the app or not.