Version 2.6.0

Upgrade Process

  • Delete CoreLibrary and EssentialKit folders fromAssets/Plugins/VoxelBusters

  • Delete Assets/Plugins/Android/com.voxelbusters.essentialkit.androidlib folder

  • Delete Assets/External Dependency Manager folder [Optional]

  • Import the new update

  • Run Assets -> External Dependency Manager -> Android -> Force Resolve from "top menu bar"

  • Add the following dependencies in manifest.json (**NEW**)

    • "com.unity.nuget.newtonsoft-json": "2.0.0"


  • [Android] Converted from using jar files to aar for plugin library dependencies

  • [Android] Updated FCM library to 23.1.0 (latest)

  • [Android] Updated Review library to 2.0.1 (latest)

  • [Android] Updated Billing Client to 5.1.0 (latest)

  • [Android] Updated External Dependency Manager to 1.2.175 (latest)

  • [Android] Updated play services auth library to 20.4.1 (latest)


  • [Android] Android 13 support for Notifications!

  • [Android] Target API 33 support

  • [Android] Exact time notifications support (>= Android 12)

  • [Android] Big picture in notifications support remote urls now

  • [Android] R8 support


  • Fixed interval bounds in NotificationBuilder

  • Fixed alert dialog click issue on Android where unity activity getting paused before it sends the button click callback

  • Fixed warnings

  • [iOS] Fixed custom notification sound issue

  • [iOS] Fixed user info parsing issue for notification services

  • [Android] Fixed data conversion exceptions in Cloud Services

  • [Android] Fixed issue when returning billing products.

  • [Android] Fixed exceptions in 2022 unity versions when exporting

  • [Android] Fixed exception in LoadAchievements callback in 2022 unity version (issue earlier with not calling callback on unity thread)

  • [Android] Fixed cancel callback for Date and Time pickers

  • [Android] Fixed current modification exception in cloud services when multiple calls to synchronise are made

  • [Android] Fixed tag value in Notifications Services

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