Version 2.5.0

Uninstall Steps:

  • Delete CoreLibrary and EssentialKit folders fromAssets/Plugins/VoxelBusters
  • Delete Assets/Plugins/Android/com.voxelbusters.essentialkit.androidlib folder
  • Delete Assets/External Dependency Manager folder
  • Import the new update
  • Run Assets -> External Dependency Manager -> Android -> Force Resolve from "top menu bar"
  • Delete XCode projects created earlier as there are native files which got renamed.


  • [Android] Upgraded billing client to v5 (5.0.0)
  • Now all of our plugins uses a common module (CoreLibrary). No more duplication.
  • Added custom .gitignore internal to the plugin for generated files
  • [Android] Added special key to selectively process a notification when multiple notification clients exist
  • Added utilities feature selection for controlling rate libraries inclusion


  • [Android] Fixed data fetching offline in cloud services
  • [Android] Temp fix for "Object must be an array of primitives" when using IL2CPP until unity fixes it.
  • Updated CoreLibrary to have compatibility with all of our plugins
  • [Android] Fixed exception in Billing services for products not listed in essential kit settings
  • [Android] Appending url and text if both are shared via share sheet
  • [iOS] Fixed issue when fetching delivered notifications
  • [Android] Fixed issue when a billing transaction enters finished state
  • [Android] Fixed issue when not providing host in Deep Links Services(thanks to gameburke for reporting)
  • [iOS] Placing popup view on iPad at the center
  • [Android] Fixed webview file dialog display
  • [Android] Fix for saving image to gallery in jpeg format
  • [Android] Updated play core dependencies to latest
  • [Android] Updated FCM libraries to latest
  • [iOS] Fixed date picker controller display on ios 15
  • [iOS] Fixed mail composer display on ios 15
  • [Simulator] Fixed serialization of dictionary in cloud services for simulator