Version 2.3.0

Uninstall Steps:

  • Uninstall existing version from Window -> Voxel Busters -> Essential Kit -> Uninstall
  • Under Assets/Plugins/VoxelBusters folder delete CoreLibrary, NativePlugins and Parser folders
  • Delete Assets/External Dependency Manager folder
  • Import the new update
  • Run Assets -> External Dependency Manager -> Android -> Force Resolve from "top menu bar"


  • Re-organized folder structure for plugin compatibility. Now all VB Products have a common CoreLibrary folder to avoid duplication.
  • Added option to migrate to UPM
  • [Android] Fixed issue when using promo codes for billing
  • [Android] Fixed Deep Link Services stripping as per settings (Thanks to Steve - Tiny Bubbles)
  • [Android] Delaying triggering authentication callback until leader and achievement definitions are loaded in Game Services
  • [Android] Fixed exception when unregistering network connectivity
  • [Android] Fixed exceptions in Date Picker
  • [Android] Fixed sound when set to off in Notification Services
  • [Android] Fixed BigPictureStyle display in Notification Services
  • [Android] Fixed tag functionality in Notification Services
  • [Android] Updated FCM api to latest release and removed deprecated methods
  • [Android] Fixed cancelling of notifications functionality (occured in xiaomi models)