Version 2.0.4
    Uninstall existing version from Window -> Voxel Busters -> Essential Kit -> Uninstall
    Delete Assets/External Dependency Manager folder
    Import the new update
    Run once Window -> Voxel Busters -> Essential Kit -> Force Update Library Dependencies
    Run Assets -> External Dependency Manager -> Android -> Force Resolve from "top menu bar"
    Fixed a rare crash when no earlier purchases on Android
    Fixed saving to cloud when non-ascii chars exist while setting byte array on Android
    Fixed notification event when not fired while app is foreground and notifications are allowed in foreground on Android
    Fixed notification event trigger when not fired when clicked on notification other than at launch time
    Fixed notification event trigger to fire after at-least one event registration after launch
    Fixed launch notification event crash issue on iOS
    Fixed unexposed web view message event
    Fixed layout of toolbar items when safe areas exist on ios
    Fixed issue when callback is not firing when pick gallery is triggered on iOS(iPhone)
    Disabling RateMyApp by default (as it popups unexpectedly - based on feedback)
Last modified 5d ago
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