Version 2.0.2
    Uninstall existing version from Window -> Voxel Busters -> Essential Kit -> Uninstall
    Delete Assets/External Dependency Manager folder
    Import the new update
    Run once Window -> Voxel Busters -> Essential Kit -> Force Update Library Dependencies
    Added Date Picker demo
    Added IdToken in server credentials of GameServices for Android
    Added LoadServerCredentials in Game Services
    Added PriceCurrencyCode to billing product properties
    Added Signout in Game Services
    Added backward compatibility for cloud services on Android
    Added date picker on iOS
    Added option for disabling back navigation key in webview on Android
    Added option to force resolve libraries on Android from menu
    Added scope(profile and email) selection for Game Services on Android
    Added signature and purchase data for Billing Transaction on Android (used for receipt verification on servers)
    Added support for Android 11 (beta - Will be using queries tag once unity supports latest gradle)
    Added utility method for Application badge icon in Notification Services
    Adding firebase messaging libraries only when push notification service type is set to other than none
    Adding library dependencies as per features selected on Android
    Allowing feature selection in low stripping mode (This allows to select features but code is not stripped)
    Dynamic generation of dependency libraries based on feature usage
    Enabling native ui native library by default on Android as its used in many other features
    Fixed Achivement image loading on Android
    Fixed Capture Image functionality in Media Services
    Fixed TimeTrigger Notification callback on Android
    Fixed alert demo screen layout issue
    Fixed alert display in Silent login for Game Services on Android
    Fixed broken image sharing on Android
    Fixed crash in finishBillingTransaction call if transaction is empty or failed
    Fixed exif check error in Media Services on Android
    Fixed exporter when only deep links or notifications are enabled for iOS
    Fixed infinite loop in cloud services login when user cancels the login or network failure on Andriod
    Fixed loadServerCredentials when no email is provided
    Fixed loading leaderboards and score reporting in OnAuthenticationChanged callback on Android
    Fixed local verification in Billing for iOS
    Fixed methods which need to be called from main thread when triggering callbacks
    Fixed missing callbacks which are not dispatched on unity thread
    Fixed missing meta files
    Fixed path while using unity screenshot api
    Fixed paths in xcode project when exporting from windows
    Fixed warnings for un-assigned variables
    Handled price value to string conversion to be culture invariant
    Profile scope setting
    Set Leaderboad query size to 10 by default on Android
    Setting null for local player when user signout
    Sharing show now waits till end of the frame to finish any screenshot capturing
    Update tutorial page links • Updated export scripts with 2019.3+ changes
    Using bytes instead of sbytes on Unity version less than 2019
    Using culture invariant in JsonWriter when storing primitives
    Using purchaseToken for receipt in BillingTransaction on Android
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