Change Log



  • Fixed a rare crash when no earlier purchases on Android

  • Fixed saving to cloud when non-ascii chars exist while setting byte array on Android

  • Fixed notification event when not fired while app is foreground and notifications are allowed in foreground on Android

  • Fixed notification event trigger when not fired when clicked on notification other than at launch time

  • Fixed notification event trigger to fire after at-least one event registration after launch

  • Fixed launch notification event crash issue on iOS

  • Fixed unexposed web view message event

  • Fixed layout of toolbar items when safe areas exist on ios

  • Fixed issue when callback is not firing when pick gallery is triggered on iOS(iPhone)


  • Disabling RateMyApp by default (as it popups unexpectedly - based on feedback)



  • Exposed GetSnapshot api method in Cloud Services

  • Updated External Dependency Manager to new version 1.2.164

  • Video Tutorials live now!


  • Fixed report progress issue in Achievements on Android

  • Fixed multiple load finish event in Webview on Android

  • Considering to set data before calling first syncronize in cloud services on Android

  • Fixed player log crash when auth fails in Game Services Demo

  • Billing Services locale fix on iOS

  • Billing Services crash fix on iOS when network is off

  • Epoch timestamp fix on Android

  • UserInfo null case handling on Android

  • Image login fixes in GameServices on Android

  • Game Services achievements filtering fix on Android as per last reported date

  • Incremental achievements fix to allow 0-100 range values on Android for reporting progress

  • Added contratint on iOS for webview frame positioning

  • UserInfo payload parsing fix on Android for Notifications

  • Alias name fix on Android for Game Services

  • Reversing changes done during last temporary commit

  • Temporarily named Json folder as Json2 to fix meta conflict

  • Fixed issue related to missing verification state information

  • Fixed retrieving correct completed status for achievement on Android

  • Fixed compiler issues caused language compatiiblity issue

  • Fixed exception while generating android manifest when play services application id is null



  • Added Date Picker demo

  • Added IdToken in server credentials of GameServices for Android

  • Added LoadServerCredentials in Game Services

  • Added PriceCurrencyCode to billing product properties

  • Added Signout in Game Services

  • Added backward compatibility for cloud services on Android

  • Added date picker on iOS

  • Added option for disabling back navigation key in webview on Android

  • Added option to force resolve libraries on Android from menu

  • Added scope(profile and email) selection for Game Services on Android

  • Added signature and purchase data for Billing Transaction on Android (used for receipt verification on servers)

  • Added support for Android 11 (beta - Will be using queries tag once unity supports latest gradle)

  • Added utility method for Application badge icon in Notification Services

  • Adding firebase messaging libraries only when push notification service type is set to other than none

  • Adding library dependencies as per features selected on Android

  • Allowing feature selection in low stripping mode (This allows to select features but code is not stripped)

  • Dynamic generation of dependency libraries based on feature usage


  • Enabling native ui native library by default on Android as its used in many other features

  • Fixed Achivement image loading on Android

  • Fixed Capture Image functionality in Media Services

  • Fixed TimeTrigger Notification callback on Android

  • Fixed alert demo screen layout issue

  • Fixed alert display in Silent login for Game Services on Android

  • Fixed broken image sharing on Android

  • Fixed crash in finishBillingTransaction call if transaction is empty or failed

  • Fixed exif check error in Media Services on Android

  • Fixed exporter when only deep links or notifications are enabled for iOS

  • Fixed infinite loop in cloud services login when user cancels the login or network failure on Andriod

  • Fixed loadServerCredentials when no email is provided

  • Fixed loading leaderboards and score reporting in OnAuthenticationChanged callback on Android

  • Fixed local verification in Billing for iOS

  • Fixed methods which need to be called from main thread when triggering callbacks

  • Fixed missing callbacks which are not dispatched on unity thread

  • Fixed missing meta files

  • Fixed path while using unity screenshot api

  • Fixed paths in xcode project when exporting from windows

  • Fixed warnings for un-assigned variables

  • Handled price value to string conversion to be culture invariant

  • Profile scope setting

  • Set Leaderboad query size to 10 by default on Android

  • Setting null for local player when user signout

  • Sharing show now waits till end of the frame to finish any screenshot capturing

  • Update tutorial page links • Updated export scripts with 2019.3+ changes

  • Using bytes instead of sbytes on Unity version less than 2019

  • Using culture invariant in JsonWriter when storing primitives

  • Using purchaseToken for receipt in BillingTransaction on Android



  • Added Date Picker in native mode for iOS

  • Added signout feature for Android in Game Services

  • Added access to server credentials for external authentication for iOS and Android

  • Added inclusion of dependencies based on features selected

  • Added support for feature selection in low stripping mode

  • Added PriceCurrencyCode to BillingProduct properties


  • Fixed media Services save to gallery for Android 10

  • Fixed sharing services screenshot sharing

  • Fixed export issues on iOS

  • Fixed billing services bugs on Android when used in advanced mode (disabling auto finish transactions option)

  • Fixed score reporting in game serivices on Android

  • Fixed paths in xcode project when exporting from windows


  • Renamed Build folder name with TargetBuild to avoid gitignore exclusions

  • Removed "Fix Now" button to update stripping mode and limited to warning


First release